Hello I’m Ruth, a UK based Virtual Assistant.

Are you at that stage in your business where you are trying to juggle too many things and you are no longer doing what you LOVE?

If the answer is yes, then have you thought about outsourcing some of your daily tasks?

By hiring a Virtual Assistant you can handover those tasks.


You may be thinking “why hire a Virtual Assistant and not just hire a member of staff?”

Here are the benefits to you:

  • Lower Costs – I’m not employed so you don’t have to worry about paying holiday/sick pay or any employee costs.  There is also no cost to you for training etc. (I am constantly updating my skills)
  • More Flexibility–  You hire me as and when you need me or for as many hours as you need me each month/week.
  • Greater Productivity– You are my client and therefore my No.1 priority.  When I am given a task I put my all into it, I want your business to succeed and will do anything within my power to enable that to happen.
  • Free up YOUR Time– By giving the jobs to me that stops you doing what you “LOVE” you can get back to doing why you set up your business in the first place.  Also passing the jobs to me will enable you to spend more time with family, friends or on “self-care”.